Bidgee River & Sandy Point

Sandy Point offers a lawned area with amenities and great fishing spots, and is a perfect place for a swim or to relax under the shade of the old river red gums.

Bishop's Lodge Historic House

This iron house was built to withstand the summer heat of Hay as well as its difficult soils, and the technology and craftsmanship that went into this comfortable home is significant for it’s time.

Chris McClelland gallery

Visit this gallery during your stay in Hay and experience the extraordinary details and beauty of Chris McClelland’s artworks.

Dunera Museum

Located in the Hay Railway Station, the Dunera Museum explores the history of the three WWII POW camps in Hay

Hay Gaol Museum

Through artefacts, exhibits and story, visitors will learn all about the history of the Gaol and the greater Hay area as they tour through the building.

Hay War Memorial High School Museum

The Hay War Memorial High School Museum has served the community for a hundred years as both a school and a war memorial to honour those who served in WWI.

Hay Water Tower Art

The Hay Water Tower art, painted by Melbourne artist Matt Adnate, was envisaged as a lasting tribute to the many servicemen and women that headed overseas to protect their loved ones and county.

Shear Outback Museum & Cafe

Shear Outback is a multi-faceted and award winning facility that showcases all things shearing and the wool industry, including exhibits and interactive experiences as well as a café.

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